I'm Nadezhda or Nadia the founder of AQUA HAUS CO. I'm a one woman artesian operation in sunny San Antonio Texas. A former budding Freelance Makeup Artist, a boy mom and devoted partner. How did I get to this bliss?

I'll tell you a true story..   

-Pearly pearls of wisdom ahead- 

My parents were immigrants 30 plus years ago, not knowing the language, barely any money and with 2 young kids to look after they were seeking a better life.

I survived my infancy in a nursery overseas. By the age of 5 years old I had undergone several unsuccessful surgeries. I was a kid starting life with chronic pain in a new country with so much to see and learn! We were mesmerized with Saturday morning cartoons! My brother and I would sneak at ungodly hours of the morning to get a head start (Sorry mom & dad).

It was all so intriguing! Everything was in a box! I remember seeing commercials of happy people being on the beach then to a close up scene, of a man taking a deep breath and smiling- holding up a tiny box. Time and time again yet in different scenarios there were those tiny boxes! I couldn't figure out what the hell was in them. In my 5 year old mind: It must be happiness!! You can buy it here in America but only in tiny boxes.  

Later we were introduced to Cereal, just pour it out of A BOX.. add some milk.. what?! You have an instant breakfast meal! By far the greatest thing ever!


So yeah! We stuck out in school, growing up poor. Desperately seeking normalcy and trying to fit in, I dove into art, science and music. Hot baths were also a form of therapy for me- even to this day!

I have no shame to admit- I couldn't handle the physical demands of being a Freelance Makeup Artist. (Shout out to all the Makeup Artists! Lugging tables, chairs, light setups and makeup kits 3 stories upstairs to meet the client to make them look and feel amazing.)

This crushing reality was personally devastating and bleak. In December 2018 I was gifted a "Make your Own" Bath Bomb Kit, they turned out unremarkable. BUT a switch was flipped- my 'AHA' moment. Come January I couldn't sleep and when I did, I dreamed of Bath Bombs! I forgot meals, I was feverishly enthralled, passionate about EVERY aspect of detail of what it took to create a successful Bath Bomb.

The process itself is peaceful Zen to me- It's MY beloved science and chemistry: chemical ingredient compounds, buoyancy, what ingredients work synergistically together, different surfactant and emulsifying agents. What's good, safe, and desired.

The Art of it all: Color theory, limitless color pairing, the end water result, utilizing only skin safe colorants, environmentally friendly Federally Batched and Certified Cosmetic Dyes. Following International Fragrance Association guidelines. The end result is something I can proudly share!

Over the years I have tested out formulas, ingredients and became very picky with what worked for me. My ingredients are sourced from only 4 trusted suppliers who share the same values. I aim to create Good for You cosmetics, with fresh quality 98% plant based premium sustainable biodegradable ingredients.

To cultivate the love of self care, because its not a "want" it's a need.

Owning weird, being unapologetically yourself- because that's true beauty. Loving and accepting yourself in all its differences! It also gives those around you "permission" to be themselves too..

Now those...are dazzling pearls right there!

From the bottom of my heart I'd like to Thank: Silent investor, Richard. My sisters Iris, Ruth, Sofia and Vita. Brothers Victor and Peter. All my parents and dear friends, for your unwavering support and enthusiasm helping build AQUA HAUS CO.

Give the gift of the easiest Self Care routine to yourself AND the ones you love! 


You can contact us via email:

Phone: (210) 908-2944 (It is BEST to reach me via email- as I'm often times in the lab.)