The Art of Luxurious Lather

We create gallery worthy bath and body cosmetics with an homage to classical art- reflected in our micro batch exclusive collections.


The Birthday Cake Sugar Scrub is hands down the best scrub I've ever used. It makes my skin feel hydrated and CLEAN. Other scrubs I've used in the past just wash off and leave my skin feeling greasy. That is not the case with this scrub. 10/10 recommend 1000%


The Star Dust Bath Bomb is my favorite ever!! I really felt like the attention to detail and the bath art of the Bath Bomb was top quality. My skin has never felt so soft!!! Definitely will be ordering again!!

A. M. H.

I just want to thank Nadia for the beautiful bombs! I absolutely loved them and will be shopping on your site again real soon. You are so sweet and talented!

D. W.

It's all so pretty! I'm going to cherish it, I don't even want to put it in my bath, so freaking cute! I felt bad tearing open your perfect wrapping, but I'm so excited it made my day! The Body Butter is such good quality, I love the shimmer effect too!


Y’all!!! AQUA HAUS CO. Has the best shower steamers ever!!! Like full on refreshing shower! I flew through my set!! Each one has its own unique flavor ❤️ (the green one is STRONG, and my fav)!! Also I just found the sleighs so you know I ordered these little cuties 🤪

T. H.

This is absolutely amazing!! The smell is fantastic and true to smell. It makes my body so silky soft it helps as well before shaving to avoid ingrown hairs. I have used this as an all over scrub and I can immediately feel the difference in my skin texture! Juicy Pineapple Emulsified Sugar Scrub


The smell was again AMAZING! Always great consistency with the smell and this shop! This made my skin soft and I smelt so good. The color was so pigmented and made my water fully colored! It didn't sink and dissolved perfectly!

24K Gold Bar 2 Piece Bath Bomb Set.


This Bath Bomb was so much fun! I love the color! It didn't stain my tub with the dark black color, this is a first! Soooo happy with my whole order! Darkling Bath Bomb


I was so congested and I didn't have Vicks. I threw one of those bad boys in my shower and let me tell you..... Everything opened up and I felt so much better not only that but they smelt so good not that medicated Vicks smell these smelt AMAZING!! My favorite is the red but all of them are great to use!!! No staining or anything they are prefect. HAUS Collection Shower Steamer Set.


Make the MOST of your bath..

  • How I Roll

  • Checkered Past

  • Macaron

  • Two Cool

  • Stay tuned for more AWESOME!

  • You are worth finding. Worth Knowing. Worth loving. You and all your one million layers.

How I Roll

Checkered Past


Two Cool

Stay tuned for more AWESOME!

You are worth finding. Worth Knowing. Worth loving. You and all your one million layers.

Proudly and obsessively crafted in San Antonio, Texas.

Always Cruelty Free.

Most Bath Bombs are Hand Painted, making each piece one of a kind.

Federally Batched and Certified Skin safe cosmetic colorants.

We only use Biodegradable eco-friendly glitter powder that has no adverse effects on the environment and precious marine wildlife.

Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets available upon request.